6. November 2010

Istanbul Memories

They are many ways creat something that inspires you as a designer. Most of my works are influence by the Belle Epoque artists Mucha and Klimt ore just from antique materials from 1900. An inner voice was the impulse by crafting this spats ... i also was inspired...but in another way. It was something special...and touches my heard by working....brought back memories of my time in Turkey where my mother comes from...where i had so beautiful and lucky days in Istanbul as a child. I remember that we had a case full with old kaftans....and the red fabric from that spats was a piece from that case and from an antique ottoman dress. Istanbul is not just a town...Istanbul is a crafty place with a heardbeat that you can hear, smell and feel whenever you think about. That feeling was the influence by crafting my Orient Treasuries and i think that these feelings are diamonts for any artists and crafters life. Unique handmade crafts are full of spirit :-) Enjoy

27. September 2010

Delight Beautys...Romantic Cuff Jewels

Antique points, dentelles and laces are stories for me...
Dreams and fairy tales of past days.

These unique treasuries have soul....see how they shine

20. September 2010

Unique Jewelry

I create not only spats...

Here you see my unique jewelry creations from the past.
Its intersting for all new followers ....by the way...thank you all for great feedback the last weeks.
Something is happens right now...i dont now exactly what....it feels good :-)
I will start a brand new collection and hope you like....
This collection i create in  rembrance of my turkish grandmother Maide.

So i will update the treasuries soon !

22. August 2010

Unique Victorian Cuff Jewelry

Here you see my newest unique victorian cuff.
Again it is made with original materials from 1900-1930.
You will find this jewelry in my Dawanda Shop :-)



10. August 2010


YOU are fortunate if you love trees, and especially the wild ones growing where the Great Creative Force placed them, and independent of man's care. For all things we call "wild" or "natural" are nearer the Infinite Mind than those which have been enslaved, artificialized and hampered by man. Being nearer the Infinite they have in them the more perfect Infinite Force and Thought That is why when you are in the midst of what is wild and natural--in the forest or mountains, where every trace of man's works is left behind you feel an indescribable exhilaration and freedom that you do not realize elsewhere.

Prentice Mulford

11. Juli 2010

Bavarian Art Spats...Traudl :-)

Here you see my newest spats creation.
With this wonderful girl on the right spats decorate with soft brown
ribbon trim and the antique tulle lace from 1900 these spats looks
very bavarian :-)

Hope you like them :-)

27. April 2010

Victorian Denim Glamour Spats

This are the elaborated spats i ever made.
For this special pair i used denim and luxury
Original edwardian bead work on tulle
ornamental trims and buttons come from the
time about 1900.
The internal side was enclosed with a sateen trim.
Extraordinary is the open denim seam
on the inside and the open and fringid edge in the front area.
A combination of shabby and glamour.
Lace and Denim these days are up to date so
this is my way and style to show you my
unique creations.
I hope you like it. Enjoy by watching

Dies sind die aufwendigsten Gamaschen die ich je gemacht habe.
Denim und kostbare Materalien wurden für dieses
Unikat verwendet.
Original Jugendstil Perlearbeiten auf Tüll,
Zierborten und Knöpfe stammen aus der Zeit um 1900.
Der innere Saum wurde mit einem Satinband eingefasst.
Aussergewöhnlich ist der sichtbere Denim Saum
auf der Innenseite und die offene und fransige Kante im vorderen Bereich.
Eine Kombination aus Shabby und Glamour...denn
Spitze und Denim liegen zur Zeit voll im Trend.
Dies ist meine Art beides zu vereinen und
meinen Stil zu präsentieren.
Ich hoffe euch gefällt es.

6. April 2010

3. April 2010

My Brother`s Art

Here you see some pictures from my talented brother. I will create
in view weeks my first spats with him.


7. März 2010

Collaboration with Corinna Jasmine

One year ago i was visiting Jasmine Corinna`s wonderful Art Blog...http://www.corinnajasmine.com/blog/
I have seen there a stunning watercolour fashion painted picture...inspired
by Galliano`s runway show for fall 2009.
That was the first time i tought about collaboration with other artists
for creating spats.

Enjoy Maide :-)