28. Dezember 2009

17. Dezember 2009

Welcome Burschi :-)

Do you remember...one of our sweet cat ( Felix) has passed away at april 2009.
That was realy sad and we still miss him so much.
Time goes by and we tough about that we want help a new cat when time is come.

Now time is come and a new friend is there.
He is called...Burschi. He is 5 month and very, very sweet....cheeky and so friendly.

A Animal Organisation found him near our home place and we fall in love :-)))

Now he is here with our two other cats.

Just enjoy by watching the cute first pictures ;-))))

16. Dezember 2009

Shooting for...DIE PRESSE

Thanks to Jasmin Ladenhaufen and Cloed Baumgartner from Vienna Modepalast

Shooting für DIE PRESSE, Sonntag, 13.12.2009, FREIRAUM.
Foto: Oliver Christl
Haare & MAke-up: headQuarters!

Mode: mangelware, AVR::vanReimersdahl, MAIDE, Cindy Steffens
Stuhl und Paravent: Sebastian Menschhorn für BACKHAUSEN 2009.