21. September 2009

My grandmother Maide and my turkish family

Here you see my grandmother Maide. I start creating spats and did not know
the name of my company right to the moment i saw this picture from my grandmother maide.
You can see...she wear wool spats on the photo.
Here first name was Maide...its also my Name...but my second Name.
So that was the reason why everyone knows me with ....Maide :-)

Enjoy :-))

Past and Modern Art Spats

This Art spats are ready now :-)
i dont now how long i create on it...maybe one year ;-)
I create them with lot of laces, appliques and trims from 1900-1930
and jeans fabric from 1970. On the right spat you see an applikation
from an banksy art wall picture ;-)
On the left spat you see an applique from klimt.
I put also antique glimmery stars in gold and silver on it and yes....
they are crazy ;-)

You need to be spirited if you want walk with this...ha,ha :-))))

15. September 2009

Nostalgia Spats Collage

Here you see lot of different spats creations that i made.
So you can see also modern creation :-)

More inspiration you also will find on my flickr. space...enjoy :-)

6. September 2009

Victorian Baby in a Rosegarden Jewelry :-)

From time to time i love creating unique necklace dreams...like this one.
These work i start view weeks ago and finished today.
Lot of lovely antique laces...rhinstones...pearls and fabric on it with a cute little victorian girl from a vintage postcard.

Hope you like it :-)

You will find it on my Dawanda Shop...Victorian Girl

4. September 2009

New Bavarian Style Shots from Kurt Salhofer

...just again a....BIG THANKS...to Kurt and Lisa for featuring some of my unique
products on their fahion shots :-)

More about Kurt Salhofer ....curtisland