6. November 2010

Istanbul Memories

They are many ways creat something that inspires you as a designer. Most of my works are influence by the Belle Epoque artists Mucha and Klimt ore just from antique materials from 1900. An inner voice was the impulse by crafting this spats ... i also was inspired...but in another way. It was something special...and touches my heard by working....brought back memories of my time in Turkey where my mother comes from...where i had so beautiful and lucky days in Istanbul as a child. I remember that we had a case full with old kaftans....and the red fabric from that spats was a piece from that case and from an antique ottoman dress. Istanbul is not just a town...Istanbul is a crafty place with a heardbeat that you can hear, smell and feel whenever you think about. That feeling was the influence by crafting my Orient Treasuries and i think that these feelings are diamonts for any artists and crafters life. Unique handmade crafts are full of spirit :-) Enjoy


  1. Just realy,amazing spirit in your creations,dear MAIDE!-)*

    it's touching,your memory and you way to inspiration,to your absolutely fabulous designs!

    My admire and huhs to you,


  2. Also das Kompliment kann ich nur zurück geben - das ist ja wunderschön, was du hier machst! Ich werde mich auf jeden Fall mal genauer bei Dawanda umschauen...

    Viele Grüße
    Dani vom Lady-Blog