17. Dezember 2009

Welcome Burschi :-)

Do you remember...one of our sweet cat ( Felix) has passed away at april 2009.
That was realy sad and we still miss him so much.
Time goes by and we tough about that we want help a new cat when time is come.

Now time is come and a new friend is there.
He is called...Burschi. He is 5 month and very, very sweet....cheeky and so friendly.

A Animal Organisation found him near our home place and we fall in love :-)))

Now he is here with our two other cats.

Just enjoy by watching the cute first pictures ;-))))


  1. So sweet..he was waiting for you to find a new home! we used to have three cats and now just dogs who probably wouldn't be very welcoming to kitties. Happy Holidays to you too! xo Lisa

  2. What a beautiful sweet new baby for you!!! It is hard to see our kitties pass on, but we have to have cats in our lives. I'm so happy for you :)

  3. Beautiful kitten our cat passed away in November and were thinking of looking now for a kitten. Wonderful you found him, Thank You for sharing Sincerely, Jonny

  4. I remember when my Miggel joined my World. He was just like yours, and I called him "Burschi" too.

    He is soooo sewwt and adorable...
    Congrats to the years of fun you will have...