16. Dezember 2009

Shooting for...DIE PRESSE

Thanks to Jasmin Ladenhaufen and Cloed Baumgartner from Vienna Modepalast

Shooting für DIE PRESSE, Sonntag, 13.12.2009, FREIRAUM.
Foto: Oliver Christl
Haare & MAke-up: headQuarters!

Mode: mangelware, AVR::vanReimersdahl, MAIDE, Cindy Steffens
Stuhl und Paravent: Sebastian Menschhorn für BACKHAUSEN 2009.


  1. Great picture...love your boots,
    they are amazingly lovely!

  2. So this is a mag shot ? Fantastic! The vibe in the picture is perfectly matched to your style.I like dark & yet sexy- pretty together-very cool! Love all your spats!