29. Januar 2010

Mucha...Golden Girl :-))

Just show you here my newest Mucha Spats and this would be the last Mucha Spats
for longer time. I have to create for some customers order and there are some
new changes in my life .

This wonderful romantic spats you will find in my shop...enjoy by watching :-)


  1. These are wonderful!
    I have a question, do you also sell them? I would love to have one of these, but I'm from Estonia, so pretty far away. Is there a possibility?

    With respect,

  2. Hey!

    I love your work and I thought, maybe you sell them too? I'd love to have one pair of these.

    With respect

  3. You broke my heart,my dear phenomenal talented friend!!!

    These is fabulous and the BIG DREAM shoose!-)))*

    Much Love,