17. Juli 2009

Aude Berger...great book about art dolls

Unique book about
Doll Art
written by

Aude Berger

You can order the book directly from Aude Berger!
see here the link for the email:

This special art book of 192 pages features the work of
several prominent international doll artists, such as:

Virginie Ropars, Wendy Froud, Diane Guelinckx,
Bets and Amy van Boxel, Hannie Sarris, Marlies Theillout,
Martine Brettar Jansen, Laurence Ruet, Marijke van Ooijen,
Tine Kamerbeek, Veronique Jacquelin, Heloise.

The book is written in French and the work is accompanied
by poems of Aude Berger and others.

The price for the book is 30 euro
Excluded shipping from France to your address.


  1. OMG! What a wonderful book, it's solely a must-have! I must order it for a gift for a Birthday coming up!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful book!

  2. Thank you Gerri for your comment and thank you for your help Maide !

    Vielen Dank für alle !!!

    I don't forget the manchettes , i promise !!

    Küss !!!