14. Juni 2009

New lovely Spats.....Lilly

Diese romantischen Gamaschen Unikate gibts ab sofort in meinem Shop :-)

These new romantic spats you will find in my shop :-)



  1. I love the new Lilly Spats they are solely Gorgeous!!! p.s. I'm saving so I can buy a lovely pair!

  2. hai
    i love fashion and costumes a long time but never dared to do something with it (sewing i mean).maybe to unsertain or to shy i dont know. But this year im over it hihi..I start simple (ofcourse i would make the biggest, dissicult things) and that works for me. So i was verry pleased to hear that you are a costume designer ones!!!!!!!..Thanks for you lovely words!!..My garden isnt ready yet boehoe..so my plans for a vegetables garden i have to transfer to next year.
    greetings marijke