21. Mai 2009

New and Past Creations

Its allways intresting for me to use different materials. 100 years lie here between
to the leatherette and the victorian lace

It still looks harmonious and very much moulder with a breath of antique one
Atmosphere.... from the finest 1900 materials.


  1. Solely Beautiful! Maide, I would love to post these on my Blog, let me know if I can! - Thanks

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment!

    Your work is just gorgeous!!!! You are so talented and so creative!!

  3. I have just post in my Blog about Spats and Gaiters (Polainas in spanish). My blog is mainly in spanish, but also post in english.

    I hope you like my post.

  4. I post about spats and gaiters (polainas in spanish) and hope you like it.

    My blog is mainly in spanish, but also in english.